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Slide show of the new generation using Adobe Animate

   Configurable animations for title, subheadings and the end of show
   Configurable structuring with menu
   Animated crossfading by changing of pictures
   Configurable Subtitles and notes can be faded out and in
   Configurable animated text spots
   Collection of decorativ fonts
   Viewing of large imported texts
   Conscutively fading in of charts
   Viewing of horizontal moveable panoramas
   A large animated showing cursor can be faded in
   Sounds usable. Invisible controlling of volume
   List of pictures with searching, preview and jump function.
   In full screen mode, in HDTV or in Internet playable
   Vector and video animations (Flash, Corel, Swish) includable
   Videos, movies from digital cameras or other multimedia files are presentable
   Presentation starts without installation from CD or hard disc

Do not look only for a solution with more features for the design!

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DIGISTUDIO - Picture and text

Only with text the slide show also in case of the consideration by third becomes usable. If you want to give away a CD of your holiday impressions, text is inalienable, e.g., in the form of subtitles. But also the wish for show titles and intertitles with different graphic design is legitimate. Or how one gets, for example, a legend, a poem or quite simply a chapter from the travel diary in the slid show. DIGISTUDIO offers unique and elegant solutions.

DIGISTUDIO - Picture in picture

How often it gives for a motive one or more detail images which could stretch the slide show as independent pictures artificially and don't express the connection so well. For example, a castle and his architectural details or a mountain pasture and an insect or a natural monument and the info board. DIGISTUDIO can indicate at first the main picture and then fade in partial pictures successively in eligible size, position and border design. Indeed, this feature brings change and movement in the primitive sequence of same-format pictures.

DIGISTUDIO - The living slide show

Your digital camera can generate also videos. An animal scene, a waterfall, an arrival of railway train, a musical scene can bring not only life in the static slide show, but also the original sound. Even videos on DVD can be played under certain conditions before the static picture background. An especially high image quality deliver vector animations. They adapt themselves to the screen resolution and can produce in the full screen every conceivable scene excellently. In addition here one more example. With these possibilities rises DIGISTUDIO well over the usual slide show.

DIGISTUDIO - The photo archive

A photo archive must hold ready called drawers for pictures belonging together. These have can be addressed individually. The specific search for pictures, e.g., to the "Eiffel Tower" must be possible. Finally, the archive must be look like a normal presentation. It must be possible to save the archive on CD or USB stick and to restore it on another computer in the full achievement circumference. It must be possible to combine the pictures with short and long descriptions and to show the descriptions optionally in connection with the picture. Everything that meets Digistudio - the photo archive.


The TV opens a new and fascinating perspective for the classical slide show. Digistudio produced on a 16: 9 TV in connection with the laptop a brilliant picture. All animated features of Digistudio in unlimited graphical diversity are available, like title, subheadings, subtitles, charts, text spots and videos. In addition can be used also during a presentation over 25 control functions. A DVD player can not ensure the broad interactive possibilities of a Digistudio presentation. He has a few control options. Fernseher Digistudio allowed as the use of an animated showing cursor, an interactive picture list with preview and search function, the scrolling of panoramas or documents, the flip in extensive texts, the invisible sound control and more. The production of a video for DVD player can take hours and after each small change is to repeate this procedure. A DIGISTUDIO presentation is after each change immediately executable.

Public presentations

Digital technique replaced the classical slide. No more blur by thermal expansion of the film material. BeamerNo dust, no scratches, no fading of the colors. No changes of the magazin of slides, no jam in the projector. Inplace of many magazins of slides one CD or DVD is enough, which starts automatically without preparation and which one can also multiply and give away.
DIGISTUDIO can fully hide the computer image. Windows screen becomes invisible befor starting and after ending show. Invisible volume control. Switched off Mouse cursor. Instead operating with mouse and pop up menus is it possible to operate with keypad. Switched on or off attractive special cursor instead of laser pointer.
Photos become by an effective labelling enrich at color and form. But why the most photos are not labelled? In many places the absence of an label appears clear as lack, e.g. with photos, which one would like to look at together in the circle of friends or to send in letters mails. Normally the effective labelling requires graphic ideas and also required experiences with picture editing on the computer. The software FotoBeschriften makes it easy for you.
With Adobe Flash without overhead projector and dust of chalk works FOLIO a software for the multimedia presentation of 'foils' on the base of the most modern software technology. With it one succeeds in freing itself in lectures, seminars and in the lessons, in colleges and other educational institutions of static representations and in reaching a new quality in the clearness.
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