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Why a special software for labelling of pictures

   FotoBeschriften is custom-made and not burdening by redundant functionality
   One does not only have to sketch oneself effective graphic designs
   One does not only have to look in endless menus for suitable tools
   One does not only need to learn the use of complex tools
   Few adjustment steps lead already to success
   With user-defined styles super fast for effective labeling
   Also with extreme aspects ratio the borders are shown undistorted
   With terminating of the program all design parameters up to the next start are held
   The results are easily reproducible
   The picture can be cut optimized to the format of the photo paper
   The texts can be positioned effectively
   It exists an expressive preview function in the full screen mode
   FotoBeschriften possesses a astounding fast help function
   The dialog language can be switched directly between German and English
   The software exists in the variants freeware and shareware

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'FotoBeschriften' in the Internet platform FileCluster:

This certification represents a sum of review factors such as the niche competition factor, performance, stability, ease of use, features, user reactions and so forth.

'FotoBeschriften' in the Internet platform Brothersoft

Your software "FotoBeschriften 4.1.1" is a great software.
We have given it "editor's pick" on your software page.

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To which is useful the labelling of photos

Naturally will, as one sees, an effective labelling the photo enrich at color and form. But the question would have to be asked actually in reverse: Why aren't most photos leabelled? In many places the absence of an label appears clear as lack, e.g. with photos, which one would like

- to bond into photo albums
- to pass on to other people
- to look at together in the circle of friends
- to attach to mails
- to attach to letters
- to publish in the Internet
- to use in a photo calendar
- to use in photo books, which have a smaller scope of action for text effects
- to publish in photo pools in the Internet
- to protect with the publication by a watermark
- to publish in Facebook or another forums
- to use with specific text effects in DIGISTUDIO presentations
- to show in simple slide shows on a digital picture frame
- to show in simple slide shows on the television

Who does not know the situation that vacation photos in the circle of friends make the round. The author strives to give to each photo a comment but if the photos make the round, each viewer has another photo in the hand and verbal comments are ineffective or misplaced.
DIGISTUDIO - The design program for alive picture presentations. Intelligent control also during the presentation on the HDTV television. With animations in the Adobe Flash format and with videos can be brought movement into each picture. Many possibilities for the combination of picture and text as well as for picture in the picture. The only animated Internet slide show. The software portal of the German Telekom judges: DIGISTUDIO is a really ingenious tool.
With Adobe Flash without overhead projector and dust of chalk works FOLIO a software for the multimedia presentation of 'foils' on the base of the most modern software technology. With it one succeeds in freing itself in lectures, seminars and in the lessons, in colleges and other educational institutions of static representations and in reaching a new quality in the clearness.
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