DIGISTUDIO + FotoBeschriften + Fotoverwaltung + DruckFotoArchiv
For W10, W8, W7, VISTA, XP
    Price: 49,50 €
Build 20.05.17
Efficient program for design and presentation of digital slide shows. With DEMO. The shows work under all current Windows operating systems.
Program language: German / English switchable
     Capacity 125 pictures: Freeware
     Full version: 19,50 €
     Plus Internet slide show: 14,50 €

FotoBeschriften 6.6.1.
Build 13.7.17
A handy tool for optically attractive labelling of photos for foto, presentations, Internet and Email. Recommended for printing of fotos and the foto labor. With DEMO.
Program language: German / English switchable
     Base function: Freeware
     Full version: 14,50 €

Fotoverwaltung 5.2.10
Build 23.04.16
Administration of lots of photos. The pictures are provided with key values and are filtered based on these keys and other criteria. Extensive functions for treatment of the date. The administration can be supported by creation of optical documentations using the program 'DruckFotoArchiv'.
Program language: German. Translation by agreement
     Capacity 125 pictures: Freeware
     Full version: 24,50 €

DruckFotoArchiv 5.1.3
Build 23.04.16
Production and printing of multi-page collections of fingerprints (thumbnails) of selectable photos. Optical documentation of photo archives. Print of individual photos on larger formats.
Program language: German. Translation by agreement.
     Without print output: Freeware
     Full version: 14,50 €

FastImageViewer 5.2.2
Build 26.9.17
The program allows to show pictures and other files fast and comfortable. It's very compact and free from ballast. It processes files in various graphic and text formats and media files. The approved formats can be changed.
Operating language: German / English switchable

FOLIO 5.2.3
Build 23.04.16
Program for the development of presentations with animated and interactive digital foils for the scool, for courses and lectures. With demo. The presentations work under all current Windows operating systems.
Program language: German. Translation by agreement
     Capacity 10 foils: Freeware
     Full version: 49,50 €

Verzeichnisliste 2.1.0
Build 24.2.14
Creation of listings for free selectable directory trees.
Program language: German. Translation by agreement.

Programming VB  
Programming of individual software for W8, W7, VISTA, XP to order. Price according to agreement.

Programming Adobe Flash  
Programming of (interactiv) animations in the Flash format (swf) as additions for DIGISTUDIO and FOLIO. Price according to agreement.

Sounds Preparation of sound regarding cuts, mixing, volume controlling with Acoustica MP3 audio mixer. Operation with a simple graphic surface. Acoustica
Animations Software for development of vector animations for text and graphics: Flash, Corel und in the Low-cost-section Swish. Production of animated effects for individual pictures. Swish
Edit pictures IRVANVIEW - Freeware for the formal adaptation of pictures with regard to pixel resolution, color correction ... for arbitrarily selectable picture groups. IRVANVIEW
Movies Total Video Converter. Conversion and cutting of movies from digital cameras (MPG, MOV...) to Flash format (FLV) for including in DIGISTUDIO presentations. Swish