Until February 2019 "FastImageViewer"

Fast and convenient viewing and editing of files as slide show

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Why another software for viewing files?

   FIVX allows easy access
   FIVX is handy and fast
   i.a. for jpg, gif, bmp, png, tif, pdf, rtf, txt, html, xml, log, ini, mp4, mp3, docx, xls, ...
   FIVX can also modify and write back image and text files
   Each viewed file is displayed as part of a slide show
   The displayable file types can be managed
   Unnecessary files (photos) can be deleted from the slide show
   An internal explorer provides many useful functions
   Many parameters are held until the next start
   There is a meaningful preview function in full screen mode
   It has an amazingly fast help function
   The dialog language can be directly switched between German and English
   The software is freeware

Program surface after start


Internal explorer

DIGISTUDIO - The design program for alive picture presentations. Intelligent control also during the presentation on the HDTV television. With animations in the Adobe Flash format and with videos can be brought movement into each picture. Many possibilities for the combination of picture and text as well as for picture in the picture. The only animated Internet slide show. The software portal of the German Telekom judges: DIGISTUDIO is a really ingenious tool.
Photos become by an effective labelling enrich at color and form. But why the most photos are not labelled? In many places the absence of an label appears clear as lack, e.g. with photos, which one would like to look at together in the circle of friends or to send in letters mails. Normally the effective labelling requires graphic ideas and also required experiences with picture editing on the computer. The software FotoBeschriften makes it easy for you.
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